Barn Wedding Venue FAQ's:   (Scroll to bottom section for Produce info)

Alcohol  - We follow all laws regarding alcohol.   To have alcohol at your event, you must use one of our preferred vendors or your caterer with a 3 way liquor license with ALL liquor purchased through that caterer.  

For beer/wine only (Bringing your own) - A one day permit must be applied for at least 3 weeks prior to the event and costs $50 through the state (this is the law).  You must also have a licensed server from our preferred vendor list. 


Vendor Policy -  We are open vendor.  However, we require caterers and bartending services visit the venue, agree to and sign our vendor agreement before they may sign a contract with an event.  We do not charge vendors a fee for this so they should not be passing on surcharges to the events.  The vendors on our preferred list know the property, are professional, offer different packages and clean up after themselves.  

Where is Zyntango Farm?   - We are located on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, one exit north of the Zionsville exit off I-65.   We are also on 300S/146th St.   28 minutes to Broad Ripple, 32 minutes to IND International Airport, 25 minutes to the monument circle downtown Indianapolis, 15 minutes to main street in Zionsville, 11 miles to Brownsburg, 44 miles to Lafayette, 12 miles to Carmel,  20 miles to Fishers.

Hotels - There is a Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express 4 miles from the farm at Anson in Zionsville/Whitestown.   To the north about 8 miles away, there are two newer hotels in Lebanon right off of I-65; Holiday Inn Express and a Super 8.

How to reserve a date? - We require 1/2 of the event rate with a signed contract to hold a date if the event is booked less than a year out from the event date.   This amount is not refundable.  The second half is due 10 weeks prior to the event date. 

How much is the Damage/Excessive cleaning deposit? - $750 Refundable

Smoking - We are a NON-SMOKING property.   Smoking is ONLY allowed at the fire pit.  All butts must go in the fire pit or receptacle provided.    

Music - We allow live music as well as DJ, however; amplified music must end at 10pm.  Guests may stay until 11pm at conversational levels while cleanup is happening.  Cleanup ends at 11. 

Does the ceremony have to be outside?   - Our barn is about 4000 square feet inside and 800 sqft attached covered patio space.  We allow you to decide where you want to get married.   We are happy to offer suggestions of course, but at the end of the day it is your event. 

Fire Pit - You do not need to bring your own firewood. Yes, you may setup a S'mores bar by the fire pit.

Decor Considerations

Rice/Fake flowers - We do not allow rice to be thrown or any other items that may be harmful to our chickens.    If fake petals are used they must all be picked up before leaving the property.   We suggest using real flower petals, organic bird seed, bubbles...
Candles - It is a wood barn.  If you were an insurance company what would you think of open flames in that barn?   No open flame in the barn.   This includes NO sterno in the hayloft with the exception of fully enclosed boxes that are monitored the entire time they are on by a licensed and insured caterer.   

​Zyntango Farm does offer a variety of different decor materials from mason jars, chalk signs, other glass containers, lots of wood slices, and etc. 

Why hire a Day of Coordinator? 

This happens a lot in the wedding planning process, you start planning the details and checking the "to dos" off the list,  and then you realize you need another hand on your special day. This extra hand needs to execute the timeline, make sure vendors show up and that they are paid, direct guests, and make sure the little things behind the scenes are done. Often, it first comes to mind that I’ll have an aunt or other close relative/friend do this as they are already going to be coming to the wedding and they said they would help out, if you needed. But, in the end, do you really want to put the pressure of your big day on them, as well as, taking away the enjoyment of being a guest at your wedding? That’s where hiring a “day of” coordinator comes into play. By hiring a “day of” coordinator, you get help with making and executing the timeline, comfort in knowing they are the point of contact for your vendors if they have any questions, and the extra behind the scenes details will get done.  Also, a “day of” coordinator may have great insight on questions you have during the process of planning. They will also bring awareness to things you haven’t thought about or considered doing that may make the planning process a lot easier. In the end, a “day of” coordinator is there to make sure you are able to live in the moment during your wedding day and to enjoy it stress- free surrounded by friends and family.

Parking- Parking attendant/s direct guests to the on-site parking area 90 minutes prior to 30 minutes after the event start time.   For ceremony only events we typically adjust the time 60 minutes prior to 60 minutes post event start time.   

For other tips & tricks for wedding planning, Check out- It's Kee Blog


Do you sell eggs?  Yes we do.  However it is mainly seasonal since the hens don't typically lay much during the winter months.  We are currently not taking new egg customers and have a wait list.  We were going to expand our flock but put it on hold due to the Avian flu that was going around in 2015.

Do your hens free range?  Our hens supervise free range.  Basically we let them out of their mansion coop area when we can be there to help protect them from predators.    They do have a large area to hang out in when they are not "free ranging".  

What produce do you grow?  It varies a little from season to season.  We have several fruit trees on the property and are considering adding more.  We have a berry patch going as well that we hope to better protect this next year from birds.  We grow a variety of vegetables and try and post what we have at the produce stand on our Facebook page. 

We are exploring new organic farming methods for this upcoming season.   We are hoping for a less wet June to avoid the crop failure we experience last season.  We would like to be at the point of selling fork to table around Boone and Hamilton Counties. 

Local Outreach: If you have a scouting/youth/church group that would like to setup a program at our farm give us a call and we can discuss some ideas.   A couple ideas might be:  learning about organic farming, hens, outdoor cooking/fire building/star gazing, campfire songs etc.  


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